Why A Business Should Go For A Professional Video Production?

Professional video production is a smart approach for you if you want to grow your business. You can undoubtedly gain a large scale of information when you watch a video about a product you are interested in. Four times as many customers want to watch a video about a product rather than read about it. You have to give them what they want.
You may lag behind and miss out on potential clients while your competitors are making their brand more memorable. If you are still confused about whether you should hire a professional video production crew like ASL Productions, keep reading. In this article, we will walk you through eleven reasons why a company should hire professional video production – and what the benefits of it are.

1. Increased traffic

You can easily increase the traffic to your website when you use corporate video production. Video is responsible for two-thirds of traffic on the internet nowadays. That’s why it’s pretty much important to include professional video production into your marketing strategy. You might lose out a huge amount of potential client traffic if you aren’t using professional video production already. The more sales you’re likely to get if the more traffic visits your page.

2. Video sharing

When you publish video content on your business page, the world becomes your oyster. You can easily generate traffic and new contacts for your company. You can also post your videos on social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube to attract new users and clients to your brand. The more shares to your videos, the greater the reach of potential clients viewing and engaging with your business.

3. Better SEO ranking

Your business page will show up more in search engines over those who do not. Many clients and customers use Google for their online research, they will find your page first over competitors. You have to publish videos on your site regularly so that your page remains one of the first results. You should research into your competitors in similar fields, it helps you to stay one step ahead of the game.

4. Brand awareness

A Video production company NYC can help create a message inside your video content that is informative, engaging and eye-catching to all viewers. You can create and enhance your brand awareness by adding professional video production to your business. Visuals make the actual difference and keep the viewers hooked. You have to leave a memorable impression, so your content should be appealing to your target demographic.

5. Converts “maybes” into “yes” clients

Converting clients is the main objective of any marketing. The video comes in handy for that purpose. You’re 80% more likely to convert traffic to clients if you’re editing videos for your landing page. Eighty percent, that’s huge! When you have a video produced for your company and put it on your site’s landing page, it can almost double up your client conversion rate. Professional video production will win clients for sure, no doubt about that.

6. Great return on investment

Professional video production is one of the certain things that are worth spending your company’s valuable budget on. The cost doesn’t really matter when you consider what it will get you in return. It has a great ROI. Many businesses wouldn’t hop on the bandwagon if it never generated revenue.

7.  Caters to the Mobile World

People are watching video on mobile in a great quantity. It continues to rise each year. It had an annual increase of 400% a few years ago. Your video will be regularly watched as more and more people carry a smartphone in their pocket. So, your company needs to have one to feast their eyes.

8. Explains things better

You can explain your company’s objective to your clients in a great way with the help of corporate video production. You will watch a video several times to understand more about a product that you are interested in. 98% of people admit that they like to watch an explainer video to know about the video. The video carries a clear and concise message to send through engaging images, sounds, and words. Actually, it’s something that we call marketing triple threat.

9. Call-to-Action

A video conveys a powerful emotion and clear message and it increases the chances of your reader following through on a call to action. The call to action means making a purchase. You will be able to inspire your readers and generate leads with professional video production more than with less motivational marketing.

10. Endless possibilities

The possibilities are endless when you choose to use video production for your business. It’s a fun experience to make and produce your own videos. It allows you to get creative juices flow. The video should be informative, fun, and suitable for your customers and client base, no matter what you choose to go about it.

11. Creative and fun

This point makes video production so unique and it can’t be ignored. We know that there are endless possibilities to convey a business brand. But, is your company sustainable? Funny? Trendy? Professional video production has made sending a message to a premium potential client so easy as it has never been.

Video production helps you to increase traffic to your page, increase your SEO ranking, as well as creating brand awareness. It can also generate social media shares, convert visitors into clients, return your investment money as profits, and create a strong desire for a call to action. Now you know the amazing advantages of video production in marketing and it’s clear to see why so many businesses are incorporating video production into their marketing strategy. Then what are you still waiting for? Let all the confusion go and get on your feet to make the decision today.