Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch – These Positive Qualities are Contagious in Business

When you operate a business it is incumbent upon you to use everything at your disposal to help you achieve business success. This some course means hiring the best employees you can afford, providing these employees with tools and strategies that help them to become successful, and creating products and services that will positively resonate with your target audience.

Successful business people like Miami based Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch executive, understand that one of the most important aspects of your business is your attitude. Having the proper attitude is a major asset because it helps you to properly position yourself for success and to combat any issues that arise in your business. An added benefit is that the right positive attitudes are contagious. If you adopt these qualities, others will as well and they will greatly contribute to your company’s success. Here is a short list of the few of the most important positive qualities that you should adopt.


Persistence means that you will continue to push no matter the odds or how many times you have not succeeded. When you have a never give up type of attitude, it shows how confident you are in the belief that your business is a winner.

People rally around this type of attitude because often they are unsure of what the future will bring, and everyone wants to be associated with a winner. There will be times when you feel like you want to quit and your confidence is shaken. Every success story has these times, and every successful person has gone through feelings like they will not succeed.

But every success story includes a part where those behind the idea or company meet huge challenges but find a way to continue on as if success is imminent. They make it through the struggle, and finally reach their goals.  All of this happens because they adopt a never give up type of attitude. An added benefit is that once you adopt this attitude, it will cause others around you to be persistent. So to increase the success of your business, it is imperative that you continue to remain positive and persistent.


Enthusiasm is an attitude that tells people that you are excited about your company and its ideas, products and services. Business people are inundated with all sorts of offers coming from a large variety of companies. They are pitched on the latest phone services, purchasing new office machines, buying lower-priced cleaning services, and every other product or service that their company uses or might use in the future.

If you are on the receiving end of these pitches, they can get pretty tiring. However when someone contacts you trying to pitch you a new product or service and they’re genuinely enthusiastic about what they are offering, it stands out against the many other products and services they are being offered.

In other words your enthusiasm can influence their purchasing decisions. This is also the case within your organization. Having a positive and enthusiastic attitude will make everyone more enthusiastic about being involved in your business and ready to spread this enthusiasm to others.