Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring A Translation Company

If it’s your first time working with a translation firm, being a newbie, there might be a ton of mistakes you can commit. Know that merely reading reviews and checking the company’s portfolio won’t cut it when you’re on a hunt for the best experience.

This guide chalks down some critical mistakes that can doom your translation project. Be mindful of these if you want to leverage the benefits of hiring a reliable suomi englanti kääntäjä company.

Being unaware of your translation needs

Most people end up getting dissatisfied with their translation projects because of unclear requirements. This is why you need to be aware of the bulk you’re looking to get translated along with the genre of the written content.

Naturally, a legal document will need a different crop of translators than those required for general business content. Moreover, also decide if there are multiple languages involved that need to be translated so that you can contact suitable agencies.

Not signing a written contract

Skipping a written agreement will not only prevent you from holding the company accountable for any unsatisfactory work but also put your data privacy at stake. This means you shouldn’t ignore vital documentation work like the NDA contract and HIPAA compliance.

Have a well-articulated contract in place so that you can have a robust ground to reach legal authorities in case your critical documents get leaked. You wouldn’t want to see your translated documents available on the internet as a free sample, which is why getting a written contract becomes a must.

Cutting corners on the research

While all the companies will promptly call themselves the best in the market, it becomes pivotal to dig out the truth behind the promises. For this, you not only need to assess the reviews and client testimonials but also check if the company holds a prominent position in the industry.

Your translation project will only be feasible when you’re putting your money on a firm that prioritizes customer satisfaction. They should be upfront when it comes to addressing your queries, along with being open about their work procedure.

Ignoring hidden costs

You also need to be specifically watchful for any additional charges that might end up making you fall out of the decided budget for your project. Although a credible company won’t keep any surprises in terms of translation costs, there might be instances when your documents have formatting or editing requirements that need to be charged alongside.

Therefore, be mindful of getting a quote about the total cost of the project along with inquiring regarding any hidden charges.

Having an unjustified budget

Since there are numerously many translation agencies in the market, you can get the job done at a fraction of your available budget.

However, understand that the quality of an unprofessionally done work will lack the excellence level that you might be hunting. You shouldn’t immediately settle for a translation firm that accepts working on a significantly meager budget as you might receive distasteful work.

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