Know how online videos work and get started

In the last several years, online video sharing sites like have attracted millions of viewers and it seems that everyone who is on the internet has now watched a video on the internet. However, the huge majority of small business owners and entrepreneurs are not using video to help their websites be more effective. The wonderful thing about the video is that it is the next best thing to actually speaking with someone in person. This means it’s more effective as a persuasion tool than audio alone, which is more effective than text alone. And, thanks to sites like YouTube as you can get videos downloaded on your smartphone with the help of vidmate download app, it is now very easy to have an effective and attractive video play on your website without having to have technical, programming or video editing skills.

Video is such a powerful medium because it makes it much easier for your prospects or customers to relate to you, and therefore to trust you more. And, of course, trust leads to sales and referrals to friends and family. After watching a video of you online, people are one step closer to feeling that they know you. In addition, you can use videos to show proof of the effectiveness of your products or services and to show very powerful and convincing testimonials of other customers. Videos are also a much more personal form of communication than the usual corporate-type text content found on traditional websites. It’s not to say that you should not have text on your website, but that you should complement and enhance the effectiveness of your text using videos.

Now that you can see the benefits of using videos, here are some tips for making effective videos for your online endeavor:

  1. Keep it short (2-3 minutes). This is because people expect videos to be easy to digest. They are not walking into a movie theater to see your video, so they are not going to sit around for an hour and a half!
  2. Keep it “on point” – i.e. make sure all the content of the video relates to the Title of your video. You can also get the video downloaded through 9apps download.Another way to say this is to keep the content “tight”. Do not ramble on or go on tangents in your video. People want to know that when they read the title of your video and click “Play”, they will then get relevant information.
  3. Use your existing digital camera or webcam on your computer to record your first few videos. These do not need to be studio-quality videos right away. The important thing is to get started, get comfortable using video, and then in the future, you can make more professional videos if you desire.
  4. If your video is for business purposes, make sure you have a strong and clear “call to action” at the end of your video, such as “Make sure you enter your email address in the box on the right”, or “Click on the “subscribe” button below right now”. This will enhance your conversion rates with your prospects/viewers because another human being that they have now “met” online has asked them to do something.