Keeping Your Remote Workers On Track With Their Goals

When you began hiring remote workers or moved your workforce out of the office, you probably started by adopting videoconferencing software with virtual background with logo. However, you soon found out that having these communication tools was not enough, not for you or your staff. You need to track and encourage productivity through goal setting and accomplishment. Therefore, these are ways you can keep your remote workers on track.

Help Them Define Their Goals

Your staff should have clearly defined goals. Sometimes, you create these goals for them based on their contributions to the company and its overall vision, and at other times, they create professional goals for themselves. Therefore, your first task should include helping your staff clearly define their professional goals. You should also give them specific team goals and clear expectations and show them how they contribute to the achievement of those objectives.

Create Tasks That Lead To Goal Acquisition

One of the best ways you can keep your staff working toward their goals is to frame their tasks around them. No employee should have to complete tasks that do not work toward achieving either team or personal goals. You can find automated solutions or other staff to complete administrative tasks that do not contribute to team or personal goals so that everything your team members do moves them a step closer to their objectives.

Transparent Updates

To provide motivation and encouragement, you should have regular meetings with your staff members one-on-one. You can do in-person meetings or use videoconferencing software where you can customize Zoom background. During these meetings, you should ask for updates on the remote staff’s progress on team projects, individual projects and goal status. You can also ask for weekly updates via email or other method.

These transparent updates give your staff the opportunity to ask for help or clarification on specific objectives and tasks. You can also provide motivation or encouragement if the staff member needs it. However, you should also adopt transparency. Share why the goals are important, how they contribute to the company and how to get in touch with other departments that may work on the same project.

Project Management Boards

You have probably heard how vision boards impact goal acquisition, but project management boards that track project steps and objective achievements can motivate your staff while keeping them on track and showing them the next steps. These boards can show you what tasks you should automate. They allow your staff to claim specific tasks, preventing duplication and adding transparency and responsibility to your team.

You can have multiple project boards for small and large projects. These software applications are flexible and adaptable to many different types of initiatives and the number of team members. They help you clearly define the steps to achieve your team’s goals and give you benchmarks you can celebrate. Your entire team has access to these boards and can modify them as necessary, and you can view them while you meet with your team to discuss any bottlenecks or challenges.

Project management boards are valuable assets, especially for large projects, because they are motivational and improve team transparency.

Grab an office background free for your team and implement these strategies to keep your remote staff on track and progressing toward their goals.