Jooble Makes Recommendations On How To Become A Traveling Carpenter?

A carpenter is a person that makes structures majorly out of wood. This includes concrete scaffolding, forms, frameworks, furniture, and other structures used in commercial, industrial, and residential. Carpentry is a major part of construction processes, and they are usually required for different parts of construction, from the start to the interior decoration. 

Apart from working in construction, carpenters also read and interpret architectural blueprints, drawings, and plans and determine the type and amount of material required for each project. They also manage inventory and restock supplies. 

Due to the high demand for this profession in various parts of the world, carpenters that can travel are highly sought-after. These carpenters are also known as traveling carpenters. Traveling carpenters travel a lot and get to see the world while working. It is an ideal job for a carpenter who likes traveling. It is also becoming easier to get jobs, as you can see the job of a traveling carpenter on Jooble without leaving your comfort zone. 

For those seeking union carpenter jobs hiring opportunities, explore listings on websites like Jooble, which offer a convenient platform for finding and applying for carpentry positions within unions. 

Are you really passionate about this profession? We have collaborated with experts from job aggregator Jooble to research the step-by-step process of becoming a traveling carpenter. We will also be discussing the benefits and disadvantages of being a traveling carpenter. Let’s explore more.

Steps Towards Becoming A Traveling Carpenter

Becoming a traveling carpenter is relatively easy. It is pretty much the same as becoming a regular carpenter. The only difference is the types of jobs you will focus on applying for.

To become a traveling carpenter, here are the steps you should follow. 

  • Get At Least A High School Diploma

A high school diploma is a basic education requirement for most apprenticeship programs. You can also take the GED to get the diploma certificate if you are no longer in high school. 

  • Enroll In And Complete An Apprenticeship

To start your journey toward carpentry, you need to enroll in an apprenticeship program. You can do this in a technical school or consider a one-on-one apprenticeship. 

However, technical schools can be more expensive, but they give you diverse options, and you can learn from various tutors. Also, they have a standard scheme and do not have to do it as it comes. On the other hand, a one-on-one apprenticeship may mean you can only learn from one tutor. It also means that you can only learn what the tutor is specialized in. 

  • Gain Some Experience

You do not need much experience to get into carpentry work. However, gaining experience before starting as a traveling carpenter is advisable, as this will help you be grounded before traveling around. You can gain experience by interning or working for someone for a while. 

  • Apply For Traveling Carpenter Jobs

Now that you are ready, it is time to apply for jobs. Focus on applying for traveling carpentry jobs. You can get traveling carpenter jobs on a reputable job search platform like Jooble.

Pros Of Being A Traveling Carpenter

If you’re considering a career as a skilled trades worker, becoming a traveling carpenter can provide a stable job with opportunities to work in various settings.

Below are some of the advantages associated with being a traveling carpenter:

  • You Get To See New Places

Being a traveling carpenter can help you see places you may not get to see ordinarily. Your job takes you to different places, and you can explore. This makes the job ideal for a person who wants to travel and explore the world. 

  • It is Not Boring

Unlike being a regular carpenter, which involves you staying and working in a place all through, traveling carpentry comes with adventures and intrigues. 

  • It Pays Well 

The average salary for a traveling carpenter in 2022 is over $50,000. This means they earn close to $4,200 monthly and about $970 weekly. This is quite a good salary for the standard of living in the US, as not many people can earn as much. 

  • You Can Stay Fit And Use Your Body Well

As a carpenter, you do not have to worry about the disease involved with a lack of mobility and exercise. Also, you do not have to hit the gym to keep your body fit. Carpentry involves using one’s body a lot. This will help ensure that you stay fit, healthy, and strong. 

  • You Gain Repair Skills

As a carpenter, you will need to send for the handyman less. Your job gives you the skills and knowledge about how to fix and repair things. This means that you can do the basic to pretty major repairs yourself. 

  • It Requires Minimal Academic Qualification

Carpentry is a job that does not require much education to explore. You can easily get into the occupation with minimal education. You do not necessarily need a high school diploma, but getting it to improve your chances. 

Drawbacks Of Being A Traveling Carpenter

As much as there are advantages to being a traveling carpenter, there are also disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages are associated with the nature of the carpentry job as a whole, while some are peculiar to traveling carpentry. 

Below are some of the disadvantages of working as a traveling carpenter:

  • You Spend Less Time With Family

As a traveling carpenter, you are more likely to be away from home than you are at home. Some traveling carpenter jobs advertised on Jooble require you to be able to travel for as much as three weeks in a month. Some jobs require that you should be able to stay five weeks on the job and one week back home, meaning that traveling carpenters may not get to spend enough time with their family members. 

  • There Is a Risk OF Accidental Injury

Carpentry is manual work. There is the need to use lots of heavy and sharp tools and equipment. If not correctly handled, this equipment can lead to an accidental injury. Absolute carefulness is required as the possibility of getting injured while working is very high. 

  • It Involves Heavy-Lifting

Another disadvantage of carpentry work is that it is a handy job that requires a lot of heavy lifting. This job may require you to lift and work with heavy machinery and materials, making it unideal for someone who is not so strong. Also, constant heavy lifting can lead to health issues like chest pain and body pain. 

  • You May Experience Inconsistency In Work Opportunities

While there are many jobs for carpenters all around, carpentry jobs are not always consistent. Sometimes, you may be swamped with work that you will need to get extra hands to get it done. On the other hand, you may occasionally have to go days without work. This can, in turn, translate to inconsistency in your income, which can lead to a financial crisis if not well planned. 

  • The Training Can Take A Long Time

Although you do not have to spend long years in school getting a degree, the time frame for getting trained as a carpenter is not so compensating. You might have to spend between three to five years to become a professional carpenter. This is similar to the time you can spend to get a degree or an associate degree that can get you a job with a better outlook. 


Carpentry is a popular job that is widely embraced. Although it requires little education, it still pays well. This profession requires hard labor, making it difficult for many people to want to do it. However, due to the advent of technology and better tools, carpentry is getting relatively more effortless, and many people are going into it.

Traveling has also become a significant part of carpentry work, increasing the demand for traveling carpenters. This article has explored the processes you can take to become a traveling carpenter. We also enumerated the benefits and drawbacks of being a traveling carpenter.