How to Align Your Business’s Brand & Content Strategies

Inconsistency is the enemy of business success. Indeed, companies that make contradictory statements online –– or that put forth an inconsistent image on social media –– risk confusing or even alienating their customer base. One of the biggest problems modern businesses encounter is a discrepancy between their brand strategy and their content strategy. After all, if your content doesn’t match the image your business is trying to put forth, customers aren’t likely to respond to your marketing efforts. Fortunately, this post will help you align your content strategy to match your brand. Check out how, here:

Find Your Voice

All business writing may share a few similar features, but no two businesses should share the exact same voice. Companies, like people, have unique characteristics that define them. Given that fact, it’s important for marketing professionals to determine the voice of the brand for whom they’re creating content. Some businesses will benefit from a down-to-earth, casual approach; others require a more formal writing style. Regardless of the voice you eventually choose, it’s important to pick a distinctive style and to stick with it.

Play to Your Strengths

All brands have strengths and weaknesses. It’s critical for branded content to focus on the former, though, and not the latter. If, for instance, your business has over a century of experience in a given field, then you’ll want to play up that angle. Resist the urge to go toe-to-toe with competitors who boast about prices you can’t match or services you can’t provide. Rather, make it a point to display what’s best about your brand through your content.

Keep it On Point

Professional content should demonstrate a business’s specific knowledge of a given field or area of expertise. Straying from topics that are closely related to your business is a recipe for disaster. Remember, it’s never a good idea to go chasing viral content if it means sacrificing your company’s message.

Employ Common Sense

In order to make sure that a content strategy is as effective as it could possibly be, professionals need to utilize some common sense. So while it may seem like a good idea in general to create humorous or light-hearted blog posts, businesses that deal with serious subjects like prescription drugs, for instance, would be well-advised to keep the jokes to a minimum.

Final Thoughts

Whether your business manufactures construction barriers or develops software, your brand and your content should align perfectly. Thankfully, all of the above tips will help you bring your brand and your content together like never before!