How Order Management System Solutions Can Benefit Your Company

Many companies underestimate the value that an order management system solution can do for their business. This is where reliable ecommerce fulfillment services can really push you towards this goal. Find out more about this by reading our comprehensive guide on the subject.

If you are running an ecommerce business without the help of an order management system, you’re doing yourself – and your business – a disservice. Order management system solutions have been helping ecommerce companies to thrive and prosper for decades.

Implementing the proper OMS can determine the success of your business. When deciding on the one to help your company be all that it can be, there is a lot to think about. It is important to consider how much inventory your company has in stock at any given time, the accounting procedures, the ordering process, and order fulfillment.

Choosing an OMS based on these qualities will benefit your business in more ways than one. Here’s what the are.

Inventory oversight is improved tenfold

This is by far the top advantage of having an SAP order management system or an IBM Sterling order management system. OMS enhances inventory insight so that you have complete control of your product supply. At any given time, you’ll know what’s in stock, out of stock, and all orders that are in process. This helps your customers to stay happy since there is a less likely chance for out-of-stock items with an OMS.

OMS reduces costs throughout a company

The cost of implementing an order management system might be a turnoff for some ecommerce business owners. A new system isn’t cheap, especially since it replaces all existing systems for everything from accounting to order fulfillment. But try not to let the cost of OMS implementation deter you from the investment.

It has been proven that an OMS can significantly reduce operational costs, even with the additional cost of the system. The OMS could essentially pay for itself within a few months of using it. You can expect to see reductions in both inventory and labor, not to mention happy customers are more likely to keep coming back.

Customer service will be improved

When you have a better hold on your inventory, it makes sense that customer service will see improvement. Optimal inventory control isn’t the only thing to thank for this though. Order management systems provide real-time order status for you and the customers so that orders can go out ASAP.

Customers no longer just have to wait for a package, wondering when it will be delivered. An OMS will give real-time status updates via text or email. The days are gone when you get home from work, wondering if your package will be in the mailbox. I think we can all agree that this leads to a much better customer experience. And a happy customer is a loyal customer.

Company team members have more time to focus on other projects

Order management takes a lot of work, especially if you don’t have an OMS. When you don’t make the investment, company team members are responsible for each and every step, everything from keeping inventory stocked to ensuring that packages are delivered. OMS does this all on its own; this gives your employees the chance to focus on other tasks and grow the business.