How Interdependence PR Changed Our Fortunes

Source: Unsplash | Mimi Thian

For many years my company had tried to launch a PR campaign and we consulted with many companies which said that they could help. Unfortunately each of those companies continuously failed to deliver, and it reached a point where we actually decided against the campaign altogether. In fact it was only after a chance meeting with a friend of mine who was working for Interdependence PR, an exceptional company, that we once again turned our attention to hiring a PR firm, in particular Interdependence PR. Since that decision was made they have greatly helped to improve the success of our business, and here is why we believe that they are the perfect fit for our company.


We operate within the tech sector, in particular in the financial technology sector, which is heavily competitive and tough to crack. In order to give our company the best platform within this sector we needed sharp creativity to achieve our goals, something which this PR firm has most certainly brought on board. This is something which I loved from the outset and the first time we sat down with the team at Interdependence PR they bombarded us with a treasure trove of new ideas which they knew would work for our company and in our particular niche. This is something which hasn’t changed since day 1 and it is a big factor in our success.


Interdependence PR brought a real experience to things and it actually proved to be something of a learning curve for us too. For example we knew more or less what we wanted to achieve in the beginning, but we had aimed our goals far too low, something which the guys were very quick to point out. This gave us confidence not only in the fact that they clearly knew both their business and the capability of ours, but that they were prepared to move the goalposts and work harder in order to achieve what our goals should be, rather than what we presented them with. The experience has helped us in so many ways, from crisis management to helping with our direction, this is what sets a company such as Interdependence PR apart from the rest.

Results Driven

Part of the reason why we had bad experiences in the past with PR companies was because they were not as dedicated to achieving the goals as we were, and could often be laissez-faire in their efforts. This was most certainly not the case with Interdependence PR and since the first time that we worked with them, they have been just as passionate and committed as we are to ensuring that whatever goals or milestones we set out, that they will work tirelessly in order to achieve it. This is vital when finding a PR company, they must match with your values and your ethic.

This is a company which has transformed my business and I would recommend both Interdependence PR, and the notion of hiring a PR firm for your business.