Girish Kumar Navani – Desert Island Discs, The 5 Singles

Mt friend Girish Kumar Navani and I are both massive music lovers and we will often quiz and test each other about all kinds of music. Last month Girish asked me which 5 singles I would take away to a desert island if I were to be stuck there for a year, tricky question indeed. In truth this was a slightly unfair question because I’m pretty sure that even Girish Kumar Navani couldn’t settle on 5 for his list. After much deliberation I have finally settled on the 5 which I plan to take, Girish and I of course got into a heated debate about my choices, but such is life.

A Change is Gonna Come – Otis Redding

The song is one of the best ever written and it is a bittersweet parable about the sad state of current affairs, mixed with the optimism of a hopeful future. I can imagine that I’d be in a similar mood on the island and this song would see me through. I have chosen the Otis Redding version of this Sam Cooke song, simply because I prefer his voice and version.

Thunderstruck – AC/DC

I’m going to need some rock and roll out there on the island and it doesn’t get better than AC/DC for me. I could’ve easily chosen any song from their catalogue, and Girish wished that I had, but for me I love the way that Thunderstruck builds to a crescendo, and the fact that the song is pretty long helps out as well, given that I’ll only have 5 singles.

Hey Jude – Beatles

I’ve picked Hey Jude because I had to take some Beatles with me, the song is very lengthy which would help to kill time, it is incredibly optimistic and best of all, it has an anthem at the end which I could sing for hours and hours. It may not be too bad on the island if I can get through it with some ‘nah, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nahs’.

Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes – Paul Simon

I’d take the entire Graceland album if I could but given that I must chose just 1 song I decided upon this beautiful track from Paul Simon. I love the African melodies and harmonies from the intro, the content of the lyrics is beautiful and I could certainly have good boogie to this on the island.

Shake Your Body Down to the Ground – The Jacksons

The collection wouldn’t be complete without some Michael Jackson and the song that makes me dance more than the rest is Shake Your Body Down to The Ground. As long as I have a fire burning and this bad boy booking out of the beatbox, I’ll be one of the happiest castaways you’ve ever seen.

Girish didn’t seem to enjoy my list so much but perhaps you did, if so then please feel free to post in the comments what you think.