Carter Boyle Duke Uni Student on The Success of Zion Williamson

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Carter Boyle Duke university student who is just about to graduate has been a friend of the site’s for a long time now and we couldn’t wait to catch up with him about the hottest topic at Duke which is Zion Williamson. For those who don’t know Zion Williamson is a ball player who has absolutely set the world alight and has become  the latest in an exclusive club of freshmen who have been picked at number 1 for the NBA draft. We caught up with Carter about what Duke basketball is like, and just what that first year was like.

Duke Basketball

The basketball team at Duke has been something sacred for a very log time and there have been many players who have left the university and gone on to play pro basketball. When people like Elton Brand, Carlos Boozer and Grant Hill go on to fly the Duke flag in the NBA, it gives everyone else inspiration that they could do the same.

Williamson Coming in

Zion Williamson was already someone who was making people talk because of his outstanding high school stats. Even before his first pre-season game for Duke everyone knew that he was coming and there was a real buzz of anticipation around campus. That first game during pre-season was the hottest thing going on and everyone who I know from Duke was tuned in to see how he’d get on. Williamson posted a double-double to help the side win against Ryerson, and the touch paper was lit.

First Game

the first game in the November saw Zion score 28 points in just 23 minutes of play, and everyone went crazy, Duke had a new hero in town. Following that first game the college was alive, everyone was talking about the game, Zion was being shown a lot of love on campus and everyone had a smile on their face.

Moving On

With every game that we played, win or draw, Zion was getting better and stronger, he was hitting stupid percentages and he was gradually smashing more and more freshman records. The rest of the world may have heard about the fact that Nike shares fell by $1.1 billion the day after the shoe incident, but for us there was something way more important at hand, the injury to Zion after  the malfunction in  the game again North Carolina.

March Madness

Thankfully the injury wasn’t as bad as it appeared and Zion was back for March Madness where he made up for lost time. Williamson smashed 25 points in the win over North Dakota state, he erupted for 32 points against  UCF and even in the game which we lost against Michigan State by a lowly point in the Elite 8, Williamson still came in with 24 points and 14 rebounds.

The stats which Williamson set were extraordinary, he was up there with KD and Anthony Davis with his freshman stats and everyone knew that he was going straight for the big time. He announced his eligibility for the draft and was picked up at number 1 by the New Orleans Pelicans, and the rest of Duke will be cheering him for seasons to come.