Best Ways to Increase Lifetime of a Commercial Lawn Mower

Commercial lawnmower maintenance reduces wear and tear, maximizing the efficiency and lifetime of the machine. Without proper care and maintenance, commercial lawn mowers may leave lackluster results with customers, ultimately hurting your business. Improper lawnmower maintenance and care reduce the machine’s lifetime as well, resulting in added expenditures for the business. Eliminate worry by implementing the following commercial lawnmower care tips into your purchase. It doesn’t matter which commercial lawn mower brands you stand behind this article will help with extending its lifetime and operation.

Clean and Replace the Air Filter

Every lawnmower uses an air filter to pull air from the top that releases at the bottom. The filter traps dirt and grass at the top of the lawnmower, but if the filter collects too much debris, it clogs, blocking airflow. Clean the lawnmower air filter after every couple of uses and replace the filter if it becomes torn, damaged, or otherwise worn out.

  • Clean the filter by brushing off dirt and grass using your hand or a cleaning brush.
  • Remove remaining dirt and debris using soap and water and a sponge.
  • Dry the filter with paper towels.
  • Do not forget to re-oil the filter before replacing it in the lawn mower.

Clean Underside of Mower Deck

The underside of a lawnmower quickly collects dirt and grass during each mowing session. This causes an unsightly appearance, but more concerning is the potential damage a dirty lawn mower underside may cause. When too much dirt and grass stick to the underside of the mower deck it dulls the mower blades. Airflow disruption also occurs, reducing the quality of the cut. Avoid this problem by cleaning the underside of the mower deck regularly. A putty knife and water work well to clean the area.

Sharpen the Lawn Mower Blades

Sharpen the lawnmower blades no less than three times per year. Cutting grass with dull mower blades causes jagged grass edges and browning grass, which eventually dies. Cutting grass with dull blades becomes challenging as well. Filing the mower blades with a file or grindstone three times per season prevents blade dullness, securing smooth grass-cutting season after season. Professional blade sharpeners also offer this service.

Operate the Lawn Mower using the Right RPMs

The RPMs refer to the frequency of rotation of turns per minute around the axis (in this case, the lawnmower axis.) Operating a commercial mower using low RPMs lowers the air level to the engine and the blade speed. This reduces the cut quality. Check the owner’s manual with your lawnmower to find the right RPMs for the machine. Learn how to modify RPMs as well. No owner’s manual available? Search online. Most lawnmower manufacturers offer owner’s manuals on their websites.

Properly Store the Lawnmower

Lawnmowers left outside overnight wear out quicker than machines stored properly after every use. Water build up on the ground may cause the underside deck to corrode or rust. This impacts the appearance of the mower but more concerning, it’s operation. Many components inside the lawnmower are at-risk if the unit endures water or moisture damage. Store the mower in a garden shed or other dry enclosed space so water and moisture do not damage the machine.