5 Facts about the NHL

The NHL has the greatest fan base. During the main championships, people cannot stop watching the TV and searching for the best NHL bets for today. Yet, even they don’t know everything about this league. Here are some unusual facts about it.

A Person Worth One Dollar

In 1993, Kris Draper was sold to Detroit Red Wings for $1. The club got much greater benefits. He played 1137 games for Detroit, in which he scored 158 goals. In Detroit, Draper won 4 Stanley Cups.

First Goal

The first official NHL goal was scored by Montreal Wanderers player Dave Ritchie on December 19, 1917. The goal was scored at the Toronto Arenas team gates.

Don’t Forget about the Ladies

The names of twelve women are engraved on the Stanley Cup. They were the owners or team leaders. Margarita Norris, president of Detroit Red Wings from 1952 to 1955, was the first whose name was engraved on the cup.

Sonia Scurfield, a co-owner of Calgary Flames in 1989, is the only Canadian woman whose name is engraved in the Stanley Cup.

The Man for a Million Dollars

In 1971, Boston Bruins signed a five-year contract with Bobby Orr. This was the first contract in the NHL for a million dollars. For these five years, Orr scored 181 pucks, recouping this contract.

Stanley Cup

Originally, the Stanley Cup was only 18 cm high. The cup was named after Lord Stanley of Preston. The cup was awarded to the best amateur Canadian team. This trophy is still awarded to the best team, but now its height is almost a meter.

Goals Scored by Goalkeepers

Michel Pierre Plasse, a former goalkeeper for Kansas City Blues, the CHL Canadian Hockey League team, scored a goal on February 21, 1971.

Former Philadelphia Flyers goalkeeper Ron Hextall is the second goalkeeper who scored the goal, but the first goalkeeper to do so with a shot.