4 Obstacles to Business Growth & How to Overcome Them

Most business owners share the ultimate goal of growing their company. Achieving that goal, however, is much easier said than done. Indeed, there are myriad challenges that even the most successful entrepreneurs must face if they want to scale their business and expand it in a responsible manner. Thankfully, today we’re going to outline four common obstacles to business growth and explain what business leaders can do, such as implementing survery software like https://www.qualtrics.com/core-xm/enterprise-business-surveys/ to overcome them. Check it out here:

Niche Appeal

Lots of thriving companies start out by appealing to an under-serviced niche. Often, this is one of the best ways for a new business to establish a foothold in a competitive field. Unfortunately, businesses that only operate in a single niche will find growth opportunities scarce. As such, it’s crucial for ambitious business leaders to expand the appeal of their company through new, diverse products and services. What’s more, this expansion will also require extensive marketing efforts to connect with consumers in new markets/demographics.

Employee Turnover

High employee retention is a hallmark of successful organizations. And you don’t have to be a business guru to appreciate that retaining talented professionals will make growing a business easier. Ideally, business owners should seek to develop good relationships with their best employees. This can be achieved in a number of ways –– from offering free training services, to improved contract offers. Also, it’s a wise idea for business leaders to seek out certain forms of insurance coverage for their most valuable team members in case of emergency departures. (You can use this key man insurance calculator as a starting point in your search.)

Brand Obscurity

As a business grows, so too does the relative importance of its brand. For example, a local gym doesn’t need to worry nearly as much about its reputation as does, say, Nike. When businesses reach a certain size, they need to enhance and amplify their brand message to compete with larger corporations. No business owner should strive to own the “best kept secret” in their industry. Improved branding can come about through organic efforts with consumers as well as through digital marketing and advertising.


Starting a new business requires substantial capital investment. Making it bigger and better does as well. That’s why it’s key for entrepreneurs to have good relationships with bankers, investors, and other lenders. You can have the best-laid plans in the world, but if you don’t have the capital to act them out, your business will remain stuck in neutral. Securing capital in advance is often a prerequisite for business growth. Of course, taking out a loan or bringing on more investment carries some degree of risk, but, in many instances, that risk is more than justified.