4 Digital Marketing Tips that Will Lead to Increased Revenue

Most business owners use their bottom line as a barometer of their company’s viability –– and for good reason. After all, the bottom line tells the story of a company’s success or failure in one succinct statement; it’s the ultimate pass/fail grade. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t operate as efficiently as they could, and entrepreneurs end up squandering money on marketing ventures that don’t produce tangible results. Some end up hiring a digital marketer that doesn’t prove to be worth their value. Think about working with a marketing staffing agency like CulverCareers if this situation sounds familiar to you. This blog will help you prevent such wasteful investments in the future. Here are four ways to use digital marketing that will lead to more sales, more revenue, and improved ROI.

Push the Product

Many business owners fixate on their home page’s ability to rank for certain keywords or phrases related to their industry. Yet, the best SEO strategies should increase the visibility of product pages and supporting content as well. In fact, ensuring that your product pages (or money pages, to coin a phrase) enjoy high visibility for important keywords can prove more beneficial in terms of sales than just about anything else. If you’ve had a poor experience with an SEO company in the past, it shouldn’t deter you from making future SEO investments with a more competent partner in the future.

Go Mobile

Consumers love the convenience the “near me” search provides. Indeed, many people will make a purchase from a business based more or less on their proximity to it. If your business isn’t working on a mobile-friendly strategy that guarantees leads in your own backyard will find you, then you’re leaving money on the table every day.

Eliminate Fluff Pieces

Have you ever clicked on a company’s blog because of a compelling headline, only to find that the corresponding article didn’t deliver what the title promised? If you have, then you know how frustrating that experience can be. Content creators need to take this lesson to heart and craft blogs that are more than just glorified fluff pieces. Whether you’re writing about the best dental operatory designs or how to apply for a bank loan, offer your readers valuable information within your content. Otherwise, they’ll scorn your website and search for answers elsewhere.

Nurture Current Leads

Digital marketing techniques should, ideally, capture the attention of new leads as well as provide current leads with the intel they need to make a smart purchase. Don’t be afraid to connect with leads in multiple ways, either. It could take many interactions with marketing material like social-media posts, ads, blogs, content offers, and workflow emails before a lead eventually makes a decision. With that in mind, constructing content for leads with a strong interest in your business or industry could prove pivotal –– and profitable –– in the right circumstances.