Why Should You Use Aftermarket Bus Parts?

A bus is an expensive vehicle, and by its very purpose, is subject to a lot of wear and tear. This means that parts need to be replaced periodically for the vehicle to operate efficiently.

When people look for replacement parts for their buses, they can choose to get genuine branded parts, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts or aftermarket parts. A lot of times, the best option is not the genuine or OEM parts, but aftermarket bus parts.

Why are Aftermarket Bus Parts a Better Option?

Aftermarket bus parts have a bad reputation as being old bus parts that are being resold. However, that is not true. The used spare parts market is a separate segment.

Aftermarket bus parts are simply components that have been manufactured by companies that are not contracted to specific automakers. This basically means that they are unbranded. So why should you use aftermarket parts?

  • Price

Aftermarket parts are usually cheaper than either genuine or OEM parts. So, if cost is a key metric for you, then these products are your best choice.

  • Quality

There another assumption about aftermarket parts – that they are of poorer quality than genuine and OEM spare parts. This is not completely true. Yes, there are companies that skimp of quality and produce spare parts for buses that are actually dangerously bad. However, there are lot of aftermarket manufacturers who produce spare parts that are of much higher quality than both the genuine spare parts and OEMs.

The trick here is to find those manufacturers, and once you do, you will find that your bus works better than it did before.

  • Innovation

The thing about aftermarket parts companies is that they innovate. They take the original design of vehicle parts, and upgrade them to make them perform better. This is not something that you will get when you use genuine or OEM spare parts for your bus.

So, if you want to upgrade the performance of your bus, then aftermarket parts that have been upgraded are the best option for you.

  • Old Buses

If the bus you are driving is an old one that is no longer being produced, then the only way you will get spare parts is in the used parts market, or in the aftermarket parts market.

  • Availability of Parts

Another huge advantage that aftermarket parts have over both genuine as well as OEM parts is that they are readily available. Since genuine parts and OEMs are made by a limited number of contracted manufacturers, there may be issues with availability, especially for buses that are no longer being produced.

When you opt for aftermarket bus parts, you don’t have wait a long time or pay through your nose to get those parts.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Buy Aftermarket Bus Parts?

With so many advantages, you would think that everyone would prefer to buy spare parts from the aftermarket. Like anything else, aftermarket parts also come with their share of problems.

  • Quality

While some aftermarket parts manufacturers are very particular about delivering even higher quality parts than the originals, there are many in the industry who will sell you very poor quality-spare parts. When you go to the aftermarket parts market, you need to make sure your dealer is a trustworthy one that will give you only the best quality products.

  • Purists

New car owners, car enthusiasts, and even body shop repairman will seldom settle for anything but the original. For them, using aftermarket parts or even OEMs is just blasphemy.

At the end of the day, the type of spare parts you use for your bus simply depends on personal preference.