What Does Your Car Battery Light Mean?

Your car has a number of warning lights, so it can be difficult to understand what they all mean. A common warning light is your car battery light. Find out what to do if you see this warning light in your vehicle and how your local auto parts store can help.

Possible Meanings

Your battery warning light means that there is something wrong with the electrical system of your vehicle. The exact meaning can affect whether it’s an emergency or not. If you don’t need emergency repairs, you should still consider a repair service before long.

A common issue is a compromised battery. If your battery is old, it may start to crack or not hold a charge. In this case, your battery may soon fail completely and prevent you from starting your vehicle.

Another possible meaning is that your alternator or other components aren’t allowing your battery to recharge. In this instance you don’t need a new vehicle, but instead a repaired alternator or battery cable.

Don’t continue to drive too far with your battery light on. A failed battery can begin to leak acid in your engine compartment. If there’s an issue in the system and your battery charger isn’t working, even a short trip can drain your battery.

Check your battery’s warranty to see if it may be the cause. Most car batteries only last between four and six years, while others last far longer. Knowing whether your battery is near the end of its life is helpful when determine the source of the battery light.

Common Components That Need To Be Replaced

There are four main components in your car’s electrical system. While not the only sources of a warning light, one of these is likely to be the cause. Here are common culprits that can alert your battery warning light:

Lead-acid battery



Alternator belt

Other sensors and wiring is used to keep track of these components, so there is also a chance that you need a new sensor or a minor electrical repair. Because of the high-voltage nature of your car’s electrical system, it’s best to have a professional check it out for you.

Solutions To Fix Your Battery Light

The most important use of your battery is to start your vehicle. While your engine is running, even a failed battery or alternator shouldn’t cause your vehicle to turn off. When you see a battery warning light, try to make it to your local auto shop for a battery inspection.

An inspection service will test your battery and your alternator to determine the issue. Ask your local auto parts store about swapping out your vehicle battery and enjoying proper disposal services. Batteries must be disposed of properly, so be sure you take your battery in to a store that accepts used lead-acid batteries.

After a free test, you’ll understand why your battery light is on and find out what you need to do to restore your vehicle’s electrical system. Enjoy affordable batteries and other replacement parts when you choose a reliable auto parts store near you.