Top Ways to Avoid Traffic Jams Like a Pro

There are a lot of causes of traffic jams. While it’s hard to address each of the reasons, there’s one thing we know: Traffic jams are a waste of precious time. Instead of being in the office early and accomplishing work-related stuff, you’ll find yourself twiddling your thumbs while you wait for the stoplight to turn green. It’s probably one of the most annoying and frustrating feelings in the world.

But traffic jams are not a reason to drive irresponsibly. You don’t want to contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Utah because you were driving offensively and without care. Even if you’re in a motorbike or bicycle that allows you to maneuver through the rows and columns of cars, be mindful of the people and vehicles on the road with you.

Here are the ways you can survive traffic jams:

Avoid Rush Hours

If possible, avoid going on the road during rush hours. That means early in the morning when everybody is on their way to work and late at night when everybody is on their way back home. If you can, leave earlier than 6 AM so that you won’t have to compete with the throngs of people and cars on the road. At night, leave work early or finish more work and leave the office later. You will avoid the Armageddon of cars that are rushing home. It also helps if you prepare to leave early the day or night before. That would mean gritting the driveway with rock salt in the winter months which you can buy if you click here, or preparing your meals the day before.

Check the Traffic Situation

Before leaving the house or your office, check the traffic situation of the route you plan to take. Many navigation apps such as Waze will provide traffic information so that you can plan your route. You can also get traffic updates from your local radio station.

Map out Alternative Routes

So your favorite road is jam-packed. What are you going to do about it? Plan at least two alternative routes that you can take just in case your favorite road is inaccessible or impractical to take. Navigation apps allow the downloading of maps that you can use them offline. Download the maps before you enter your car so that you won’t have to tinker with your phone while driving. Browse through the directions to get an idea of what roads and streets you need to take.

Practice New Routes

If you find a new route that’s shorter and faster, take it only when you have the spare time. That way, even if you get lost, you won’t panic because you’re already late for work. Practice new routes only during weekends or when you’re off from work.

Take Public Transportation

Yes, it’s not ideal, but public transportation saves you time and money. Although subways can get a bit cramped—and yes, they do have traffic down there—this isn’t a reason not to try riding the trains. It’s still actually a faster way to reach your destination. Also, you get to read a newspaper or a book or even finish a report on your phone while you’re stuck in subway traffic.

In any traffic situation, what you need to remember is to stay calm and patient. Although traffic jams are annoying and irritating, that is no reason to act offensively on the road. Remind yourself that getting into arguments with other drivers—or even with traffic officers—will only get you into trouble. Be patient and wait for the traffic to pass.