Crucial Steps to Take After an Accident in Las Vegas

Road accidents happen when you least expect them and many people get caught up in the mayhem and forget some important steps that could mean insufficient compensation and a delayed verdict. In case you get involved in an accident in Vegas, here are some important measures to take:-

1. Do not leave the Scene

Many people panic whenever an accident happens and you might find yourself contemplating leaving the scene. Fleeing the scene when there are minor damages is treated as a misdemeanor while hit-and-run where injured persons are involved is a felony, which can earn you a lengthy jail term. However, you are allowed to leave the scene when you need medical attention immediately or it is dangerous to remain at the scene. For instance, you should not stay at an accident scene with a high risk of explosion, like in the case of fuel tankers.

2. Take Pictures

After an accident, it is essential to take high resolution pictures of the scene. Make sure all the involved vehicles appear and their registration numbers are clear. Clear pictures of clues in the surrounding, including skid marks and fragment trails are important and can improve your chances of receiving a reasonable compensation should you file a personal injury claim. Videos are also an excellent tool for capturing the scene from various angles, which can provide helpful information to help your case.

3. Visit the ER

It is difficult to establish the extent of injuries immediately after an accident. Even though you feel alright, you cannot rule out internal injuries, which tend to rear their ugly head days or weeks after an accident. Every Las Vegas injury attorney will advise you to seek medical attention to rule out serious injuries.

4. Report the Accident

Reporting an accident to the authorities is important and even mandatory in some states. In Las Vegas, you have up to ten days to report, where there is injury or death and damages exceeding $750. However, where the police show up at the scene, you do not need to file a report. Having the police report is important as they can assess the situation and note down the culprit in their report. Their report can go a long way to make your compensation claim successful.

5. Note Down Key Details

The accident scene provides important clues that can unravel the events that transpired before and after the accident. It is important to note down the exact time of impact and the registration details of the vehicles involved. You need to take the driver’s personal details and their contacts. Remember to note your witnesses and write their details. Since writing is time intensive and prone to errors, it is easier to record their accounts using your mobile phone recorder.

6. Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident is time-consuming and can be overwhelming for many. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can simplify the process and save you lots of time. They are well experienced in personal injury claims arising from road accidents and will advise you on what to do to ensure you qualify for maximum compensation.

7. Notify Your Insurer

Remember to notify your motor insurance provider any time you get involved in an accident. Insurance companies require you to report to them and stipulate this clearly in their policies. When you fail to let your insurer know about your accident, you violate the terms and risk losing your coverage or facing hefty fines.

Las Vegas is a vibrant hub of activities and enjoys a large number of tourists seeking to make merry in the “Sin City.” Accidents here are common and with these guidelines, you can protect yourself and have a seamless process when you need to make a claim for personal injury or damages.