5 Crucial Vehicle Safety Tips Everyone Should Remember

For many Americans, driving a car is practically second-nature. Indeed, Americans drive so often that they can be forgiven for thinking that they know everything there is to know about vehicle and driving safety. Yet, the reality remains that around 100 people die every day as a result of car accidents in the U.S. That’s a sobering statistic to be sure. With that in mind, today we’re going to review five driving safety tips that everyone should remember. Check them out here:

Check Vitals

Before you start your car and begin driving, it’s important to check to make sure that all of your vehicle’s systems are operating smoothly. Inspect tire pressure, blinkers, headlights, and tail lights, and note whether or not the check engine light is on. Driving in a car that is in any way compromised is taking an unnecessary risk. It is also recommended to have a reputable car accident lawyer on standby. Having one of these will give you piece of mind should things go wrong, and the worst happens. 

Buckle Up

There’s nothing easier than buckling your seatbelt. What’s more, doing so could very well save your life. Despite the fact that it’s illegal to drive without a seatbelt, many still ignore this basic safety precaution. Sadly, 48% of people who died in auto accidents in 2015 weren’t wearing their seatbelts.

Eliminate Distractions

Loud music. Smart phones. Fast food. Anything that distracts you from driving is a threat to your safety and the safety of those around you. Whether you’re just learning to drive or you’ve been driving your whole life, make sure nothing distracts you once you climb behind the wheel. It’s impossible to predict how others will drive, so it’s critical to be ready for anything when you’re out on the road.

Clean Your Interior

When a car is traveling at 60 mph, then everything in that car is also going 60 mph. As such, it’s imperative to throw away all trash and to properly store all in-car items before you start driving. This might mean stowing a few books in your glove compartment; or it could mean securing your valuables in an F150 console safe. Regardless of the specifics, make it a point to clean your car and remove or secure any loose items before you get going.

Stay Vigilant

A huge portion of accidents occur near a driver’s destination. In fact, one in five accidents happen in parking lots. This means that drivers have to stay vigilant and aware of their surroundings at all times. Don’t unbuckle or let your guard down just because you’re almost at your destination. Remember, until you’ve parked your car and shut off your vehicle, you haven’t arrived yet.