Pelosi, Markey, Van and CSSC at Power Shift

Video by Matt Egan of the California Student Sustainability Coalition.

Just a note the I Shot Power Shift team will be working to get more footage up.  There is some amazing stuff so stay tuned.

Matt Stoller Speaks with Rep. Solis on Global Warming and Race

From Matt Stoller at Open Left.

US Transportation Secretary: “Bikes Not Transportation”

From the WTF files via PBS:

US Transportation Secretary Peters: “Well, there’s about probably some 10 percent to 20 percent of the current spending that is going to projects that really are not transportation, directly transportation-related. Some of that money is being spent on things, as I said earlier, like bike paths or trails.”


Dumping Coal on Capitol Hill

Coal DumpAs part of the push to get congress not to waste our tax dollars on Coal-to-Liquids there will be a press conference on the mall tomorrow featuring leaders of the climate and environmental justice communities as well as a one ton pile of coal. If your in the DC area you should come down and show your support. If your not in DC, check back tomorrow for updates and photos. Here are the details…

Dozens of activists will dump one ton of raw coal on the U.S. Capitol lawn Thursday to protest Republican and Democratic support for billions of dollars in subsidies for coal-to-liquid programs. Representatives of climate and environmental groups will join forces on Thursday, June 14th at 11:00 a.m. in Lower Senate Park on Capitol Hill to call on all Senators who say they oppose global warming to vote against any subsidies for coal-to-liquids programs.

(photo courtesy of BBC from a similar action in London)

Coal-to-liquids will make the climate crisis worse. This transportation fuel made from coal could double the global warming pollution coming from our cars, trucks and planes. Moreover, large-scale use of liquid coal would exacerbate the devastating effects of coal mining, particularly mountaintop-removal mining, felt by communities and ecosystems stretching from Appalachia to the Rocky Mountains. At a time when Americans are demanding action on global warming, coal-to-liquid technology is a giant leap in the wrong direction.

WHAT: Press conference protesting dangerous “coal-to-liquid” legislation and calling on Senate leaders to show leadership on global warming

WHEN: Thursday, June 14 @ 11:00 AM

WHERE: Lower Senate Park, north side of Capitol Building, at the intersection of Louisiana Avenue NW and D

OPEC we are here to correct you. fossil fuels are unsustainable

Last Thursday the Children and Youth major group at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development took a brave stand to tell the truth about the fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Their address below captures the feeling of our world‚ as youth as we cry out for a truly just, sustainable energy future, whereas the Chairman‚Äôs attempt to make a joke at the end of their statement (please use gas.. I agree with you on nuclear) shows the type of inconsiderate thought we are up against.

Link to webcast of statement (forward to 1:47.25 for youth statement)

Statement given to commission during the Thursday May 10th high level discussion with major groups read by Makala and Griffin( the // indicate the part read by Griffin)

Thank you chairperson and distinguished delegates, we are grateful
for the opportunity to be here and contribute to the discussion of
these important issues.

Please stand up if you drink coffee‚ ..stand up if you drink water‚ .if
you like skiing‚ if you like honey‚ if you need food to survive. The
issues at hand are no longer abstract, or restricted by
nationalities. This is personal. Here now today for you and me. We
are looking at the earth we inherited and we are terrified.

Continue reading ‘OPEC we are here to correct you. fossil fuels are unsustainable’

Feds Sue Massey Energy

The Federal Government is suing Richmond, VA based Massey Energy for thousands of violations of the Clean Water Act. The feds are suing over massive pollution discharges into the waterways of West Virginia and Kentucky. They are suing for damages between $27,500 and $32,500 per day of violation for 4,633 violations over the past six years. This means that Massey has 69,000 days worth of violations and some simple math makes this around a $2 billion lawsuit. For more information, read this article

Massey Energy has long been the target of public anger, whether due to it’s long history of union-busting or it’s long history of blowing up Appalachia’s mountain ranges to get at the coal. If you measure by revenue, Massey is currently the fourth-largest coal extraction company in the United States.

This suit comes at a time when Massey is also being sued by the widows of the miners killed in the 2006 fire at Massey’s Aracoma mine for safety violations (read this article). The Wheeling-Pittsburg Steel Company has a multi-million dollar suit against Massey for failing to ship enough coal to the steel company (read this article). The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition is also suing fellow mountaintop removal company Arch Coal for violating the Clean Water Act through dumping the blown up mountain’s rock (“overburden”) into valleys creating valley fills (read this article).

The results of these lawsuits have a great impact to impact how coal is mined in Appalachia. The more expensive coal is to mine, the harder it is for coal to compete with renewable energies.

The New

Check it out…

Greening the Vote

You are probably wondering where the 2008 presidential candidates stand on climate and energy issues. And thank goodness that Courtney Fryxell and the League of Conservation Voters have pulled together a host of information including quotes, positions on pieces of legislation and video clips from interviews.

Beginning Monday and continuing over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting info from LCV’s site about the stances of the announced presidential candidates. All of the info will be presented in a non-partisan fashion. I will feature one candidate a day in alphabetical order by the candidate’s last name.

If you can’t wait for the electoral fun to begin, you can check LCV’s

Check out the latest video message to the presidential candidates asking what’s their plan to cut carbon emissions 80% by 2050. Its from students at St. Mary’s College. Find out more about how YOU can send a video message to the candidates here.

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Moving to, Watch Your Head

We are moving the site to’s VIP hosting service. You may notice some quirkyness during the move, but you should be able to access the site and read-up on youth climate happenings throughout the move. This move means will be faster, more reliable and easier for our community to maintain. This means the contibutors will be focused on bringing the best content possible and not on getting the site to work. The transition should be complete in the next couple of days!

DC Rally

Mostly put this up because BBC and other radio outlets needed some early audio, but its a great clip. Enjoy…

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