BREAKING: Seven Texans Arrested Blockading Truck Carrying Keystone XL Pipeline

All I gotta say is: Let the games begin!

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**1:15pm–Final blockader arrested. 7 brave people shut down #KeystoneXL construction for the day! Dissembled pipe truck still blocking the entrance of the pipeyard.

** 1:10PM – Police are dismantling truck axle. One blockader is holding tight! The 3 others have been arrested. 1 of 6 arrested so far is a journalist.

**11:20am–Four Blockaders Arrested! Sheriff deputies and state troopers on the scene

**10:00AM – Four Blockaders Have Locked Themselves to a Pipe-carrying Truck In Livingston, TX, bringing construction on the Keystone XL pipeline to a stop!!

**Lock down activists video testimonials.

Just minutes ago four landowner advocates and climate justice organizers have locked themselves to the underside of a massive truck carrying 36″ pipe intended for Keystone XL construction. The truck is parked, idled at the entrance of the pipeyard, rendering construction activity impossible. Seven blockaders total are onsite risking arrest. We will be getting photos and video throughout the day, but check out our testimonial video below of some of today’s blockade participants.

Blockaders from the Red River valley to the Gulf Coast are uniting to realize their collective vision of a world without toxic tar sands pipelines being forced through the homes of families who don’t want them. Today’s message is clear: the people are rising up to defend their homes.

This act of peaceful civil disobedience comes in the wake of a recent court decision condoning TransCanada’s use of eminent domain for private gain. Last week Lamar County Judge Bill Harris ruled in a shockingly abbreviated fifteen-word summary judgment that Texas farmer Julia Trigg Crawford cannot challenge TransCanada’s claim that it is entitled to a piece of her home. The underwhelming ruling was emailed to Ms. Crawford’s attorney late in the evening of August 15 from the Judge’s iPhone.

**Live Blog: Visit this page throughout the day for breaking updates on actions happening in the region.

The arrogant disregard levied at landowners like Julia Trigg Crawford for simply not consenting to have a tar sands pipeline permanently bisect their homes is what motivated Houston businessman Ray Torgerson to take action with the Blockade. “The fact that this corporation can check a box on a form and steal someone’s land is insulting,” Ray says. “We are here to defend our homes and stand with landowners like Julia.”

Further emblematic of the disrespect small town families like the Crawfords have faced throughout Keystone XL legal proceedings, Ms. Crawford received first notice of the ruling from a reporter seeking comment who had been blind carbon copied on the County Judge’s email ruling.

“It was heartbreaking to hear a generational family farm like the Crawford’s can be taken away by a multinational corporation,” exclaims blockader Audrey Steiner, a linguistic anthropologist from Austin. “I’m here to change the direction our country is taking.”

Crawford’s challenge to TransCanada’s “common carrier” status was supported by a recent Texas Supreme Court case Texas Rice Land Partners v. Denbury Green Pipeline, but Judge Harris clearly ignored what should have been a precedent-setting ruling.

As appeals wind through the legal system, pipeline construction continues.


The concerns of the blockaders today go well beyond TransCanada’s appalling contempt for property rights. As Tammie Carson, a lifelong Texan living in Arlington explains, “I’m doing this for my grandchildren. I’m outraged that multinational corporations like TransCanada are wrecking our climate. The planet isn’t theirs to destroy, and I’m willing to take a risk to protect my grandchildren’s future.”

Denny Hook, a retired Methodist minister from Gainesville Texas, describes himself as “An environmentalist that happens to be a minister.” In taking action today, Hook hopes to inspire more people to join the movement. “Things are so dire that if all of us don’t rise up we won’t make it. This pipeline is the difference between Earth on the edge and Earth over the edge.”

In the face of this waking nightmare, blockaders have little choice but to act out of conscience. We simply have no time left to wait for the legislative to catch up with the judicial. We won’t allow our homes and our futures to slip through regulatory loopholes!

Tar Sands Blockade is a coalition of Texas and Oklahoma landowners and climate organizers using peaceful and sustained civil disobedience to stop the construction of Keystone XL.

“The blockade is an expression of people who have spent years using every available avenue afforded to them, and nothing has worked,” explains Tar Sands Blockade spokesperson Ron Seifert. “The urgency of this crisis is galvanizing supporters who understand that doing nothing involves a greater risk than taking action.”

6 Responses to “BREAKING: Seven Texans Arrested Blockading Truck Carrying Keystone XL Pipeline”

  1. 1 6thextinction Aug 28th, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    now, one more time, we see who our courts are working for,

    everyone should send this article to 10 people. actions such as these are our only recourse anymore.

  2. 2 Donna Baylis Aug 28th, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    It is hard to sit back and watch this sh$t happening … and it is happening everywhere. Corporate and government decision-making is not taking into account the basic tenet of society — look out for each other in return for security. It seems the majority of corporations are only interested in taking profit for themselves. Well, grabbing a country’s wealth means taking the responsibility that goes along with it. We demand corporate accountability. We demand decision-making that takes more than the corporate bottom line into account. Strength to the activists who are protecting their homes and our rights!

  3. 3 cynthia voorhees Aug 28th, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    According to what I read a few days ago, if you own your land free and clear and have the deed to it no one can take it. You still have your contitutional rightS to fall back on, and as far as I am concerne that should have taken Bill Harris off the bench and he should be in contempt due to the fact that there is already an open case in the system, but it appears to me he was paid off by this Transcanada company. Just saying that is what it appears to be to me and we the commen peoples are being bullied all the way around. This is a SAD day for our fathers before us who fought and died for our freedom and our rights to live and pray to our God the way we see fit for ourselves and our children. It is the big buisness leader and such that are the greedy grab everything we can and destrory it so that we can line our own pocket punks that no one can stand and niether could our fathers past hence forth the rights that were laid out in writting!!! GOOD LUCK LAND OWNERS I HOPE YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4 Jinnifer Aug 29th, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    We are an natural oil and gas dependent society and it makes no since to me why we go to such lengths to stop this pipeline. The pipeline is a reality. It is not going to be stopped. People are not losing their land. The construction companies are paid a great deal of money to ensure they leave the land the way they found it. No one wants to talk about that…

  5. 5 mary Ramsey Aug 30th, 2012 at 11:08 am

    Please …take care of our home …Earth…………

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