Sitting in for Mountain Justice


From Harrison Kirby of Louisville, KY – Call Congress to share your support this amazing action in progress! UPDATE: Donate here to support the 22 arrested today at the action.

Yesterday I posted about lobbying Congress. I’m back in their offices today, but, well, this time I don’t have their permission. Hal Rogers is a congressman from Eastern Kentucky. His district contains more mountaintop removal than any of the other 435 districts. Consequently, it is also the sickest and most depressed, and it has the shortest life expectancy. Meanwhile, he refuses to even speak to any of us about mountaintop removal. My fellow Kentuckians and I will chant, sing, and above all, stay in his office until he talks to us and agrees to end mountaintop removal. He will hear our demands for change, he will see our pictures of filthy water, and we will not leave.

Nobody who lives next to a mountain deserves to have to bathe their children in red water. They should not be afraid to let their grandchildren play outside, and they should not have to watch their neighbors die of cancer. Nobody should be afraid of flyrock zooming away from a mountain and killing them in their sleep. All of these things have happened in the past, and they will continue to happen until mountaintop removal mining is ended.

Hal Rogers wants to keep mining the tops off of mountains until the coal is gone, but we will stay here until Hal Rogers agrees to stop sacrificing our land and our people on the filthy altar of coal. And we have all day long.

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  1. 1 silverback Jun 6th, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    Kinda makes you wonder what he is getting out of it. Did you ever notice that anything that is touched by a politician or lawyer smell like decaying flesh?

    Go mountain justice!!!!

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