EXCLUSIVE: Leaked letter: ICCC climate skeptic conference “an elaborate hoax”

The following letter was sent to me by an anonymous employee at the Ranco Las Palmas Resort in Palm Springs, California. The author identifies themselves only as “Chucky”. It appears to have been written prior to the first International Conference on Climate Change–an annual gathering of so-called “climate skeptics” in Washington D.C.  The content of the letter suggests that the premise of the ICCC Conference is to manufacture uncertainty in the conversation about anthropogenic global warming.

The employee claims she found it in a briefcase that had been turned in to the lost-and-found desk at the Rancho Las Palmas Resort.  It is worth noting that the resort was the location of a retreat hosted by Charles and David Koch just one day prior to the briefcase being found. The letter includes no conclusive evidence that the letter was addressed to Charles and David Koch.  [I transcribed the letter below due to the difficulty of reading the handwriting. Notes added are in italics and bracketed. Links are included for background information.]


Dear Charles and David,

Scanned image of the leaked "Chucky letter" Other pages are below transcript


I was glad to get a letter from you. In the mail. You guys are great. Who sends letters anymore? And sealed with a wax stamp…ha ha, you creeps :)

Well, I have been thinking about the dilemmas you mentioned regarding global warming. And yes, of course I’m happy to offer some advice!

Let’s start with the facts, and don’t let them discourage you–we can beat these pencilnecks[sic]:

There is overwhelming. global, peer-reviewed, all that stuff, scientific consensus on human-caused climate change. All of the top um, scientific bodies around the world (even your friends at NAS) [National Academy of Sciences, presumably] are convinced. And you know how they are about things they are convinced of.


You need an elaborate–I mean, Ocean’s 11, 12, 13 AND 14-style–elaborate–HOAX. You gotta do what it takes to keep the public guessing. Otherwise, they’re going to realize you’re boiling ‘em like frogs in a pot. As dumb as they are, those American Idol wannabe fatasses outnumber us, boys. Ha ha? No but seriously.

Here’s what you do:                    ran out of room–>[sic]

The IPCC is the UN‘s big gang of credible scientists that have the loudest voice in climate change findings. They issue statements and conclusions after they get together at a conference, right? Well, You can have a conference, too!

Call it something similar to the IPCC so it’s hard to tell yours apart from the real one. Call it… the International Conference on Climate Change. IPCC? ICCC?  ICUP? ;-p The media’ll never get the distinction across in one headline.

You won’t get many actual scientists to come to your conference, of course. So focus on inviting smart people who either look good on camera or don’t have any friends left in at their jobs. You know the type–insecure academics who’ll do anything to stand out in their field. Letters after their name is preferable–but not crucial. You can always just make something up.

Better yet–just promote them as scientists on your conference’s website. [This is happening now. Read about it.] It’s a free country, right? What they gonna do, take your birthdays away? (I’ve been to your parties, they couldn’t afford it.)

I did you the courtesy of sending along with this a list of ppl to invite. Ya, you owe me another elephant-shoot. Really. [List was not included. See link in previous paragraph]

(Sorry, this was the only other paper I could find. Just don’t lose this letter.) [letterhead at top of page reads: "Chamber of Commerce / United States of America]

Note: your companies can’t directly host the conference.  You need a wholesome-sounding name for a front group or two that you can control from behind the scenes. Call it the “American Dream Freedom Alliance”…no, no good…the “Institute of the Heartland”  yeah… almost…I’ll work on that one. OH! I got it: “Americans for Prosperity.” I’m on a roll. “What’s that, Dr. Scientist? I couldn’t hear all those numbers you were using in your argument because I was deafened by your HATRED for Americans AND Prosperity!”

That should keep them guessing for long enough to keep the UN from getting in your way. Gotta warn you, though. Your[sic] going into pretty public territory now, (and we’re talking about, like, the death of the planet and all, so be careful.)

Talk soon,


P.S. And don’t overreact when knucklehead bloggers figure you out. No one reads them anyway.

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Page 3

For those that can’t take a joke: This is a spoof–a prank, a parody, a mockery–produced in the tradition of a political cartoon. It is designed to shine some light on the serious, deadly mockery of science that is being perpetrated at the ICCC. The sources linked to this article are real, consist of credible information, and their authors were not involved in the creation of the content here.

The one thing I do apologize for is the handwriting.

Please hit “thumbs up” below if you value the tradition of unconventional truth-telling. Thanks. – AA

8 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Leaked letter: ICCC climate skeptic conference “an elaborate hoax””

  1. 1 Evan Jul 1st, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    This is really bad journalism and should not have been posted b/c it is probably a hoax. You really should have done your research on this one. The Heartland Institute, which the creation of is referred to in this letter, was founded in 1984. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a complete crap thinktank and most of the people in it should probably be put behind bars, but this letter suggesting that the Koch brothers create the “Institute for the Heartland” for the purpose of hosting the conference (which the Heartland Institute does) is folly b/c the Heartland Instute has (unfortunately) been propagandizing and spreading misinformation for decades. Americans for prosperity has also been around since 2004. The first ICCC was not until 2008. The IPCC, on the other hand, has been around since 1988, so there is no way that the Heartland Institute could have been created in response to the IPCC. The Heartland Institute was orginally funded by corporations like Phillip Morris to spread doubt about whether smoking was surely a bad thing and to spread information about why regulating it would be a bad thing.

  2. 2 Evan Jul 1st, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    i posted a comment but it’s not showing up. what gives?

  3. 3 Monica Jul 1st, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    I loved this whole post right up until I found out that it wasn’t real. Yeah, I get how it was supposed to be an unconventional, nontraditional way of getting a message across, and I’d like to think I have a pretty good sense of humor, but I didn’t think it was funny. I know all of the things in the letter are actually real, but the “joke” felt more like one big lie in the end. Instead of framing the letter in an exclusive, Wikileaks-type way, maybe the author should frame it in a not-so-serious way…? Meh, that’s just my two cents. Also, I guess I’m used to seeing real news, announcements, etc. on this blog so this fake letter really threw me off. I would also suggest that the people in charge of this blog consider in the future how these types of posts will affect how IGHIH is seen by readers and the general public. I feel like this is a great outlet for all the stories/perspectives that don’t get published, so for it to lose its credibility in the eyes of its readers would be a real shame.

  4. 4 mememine69 Jul 1st, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    The “consensus” was perception, not truth because both denier and believer scientists agreed that;
    A-there will be effects, and
    B, -those effects will vary from nothing to negligible to complete and out of control unstoppable warming of the planet turning us into more like the planet Venus.
    Gee, what’s not to agree with? That explains why every organization and every single scientist being paid to study the effects, (not causes), has their own unique definition of climate change. It was a free pass and a consultant’s w&t-dream and a free pass for lab coat consultants calling themselves saintly scientists. It was perception, not fact because how else would you explain the thousands of consensus scientists vastly out numbering the protestors.
    And here is absolute proof that scientific consensus of climate change was a perception and not fact. If it WERE true, the countless thousands of consensus and concerned scientists would be marching in the streets themselves and scrambling to get on CNN to warn the world of this comet hit of a global and planetary emergency they have said it is for 25 years now. The climate change mistake has done to science what abusive priests did to the Catholic Church and wasn’t it scientists who polluted the planet in the first place with their cancer causing chemicals and pesticides?
    Climate change was a comfortable lie turned criminal exaggeration fueled by political correctness on steroids. It comes home when you look your own children in eyes and warn them that they will die an unspeakable death on a CO2 ravaged planet if they don’t start turning the lights out more often.
    While Obama wanted one time promised to lower the seas and make the weather colder with taxes, he never even mentioned the “crisis” in his last State of the Union Address. Perception is politics and politics is perception.
    Not admitting our mistake of needless panic and crisis exaggeration has made lying and fear mongering neocons out of all of us.

  5. 5 Brad Fregger Jul 2nd, 2011 at 2:03 am

    That’s the funniest thing I ever read. To anyone but an ignorant AGW fanatic, it’s obvious that the letter is the hoax here. LOL!

  6. 6 mememine69 Jul 5th, 2011 at 11:23 pm

    This is sick. Why do we want this misery to happen? I’m refusing to be a fear mongering, END OF THE WORLD CO2 Freak anymore. Count me out. CO2 is NOT killing us.

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