Reclaim Power in Washington D.C.! A Call to Action on April 18th at the End of Powershift

Rising Tide North America invites all residents, students and youth to join the Reclaim Power.

WHAT: Reclaim Power March & Creative Direct Actions

WHERE: Lafayette Square (H St NW & Jackson Pl NW); Washington D.C.

WHEN: April 18th at the end of the Powershift rally (scheduled from 10am-1pm)


From April 15th through the 18th, thousands of students and youth will be attending Powershift 2011. This conference has been billed as another opportunity to do something about climate change. Throughout the conference, Democratic politicians from Al Gore to Lisa Jackson will tell us the solution is to lobby, vote and work within the corporate-owned political system to stop climate change. They will tell us that supporting the existing leadership’s policies and the creation of carbon markets will stem the rising tide of carbon emissions slowly destroying our planet.

Do we really believe the answers lie in supporting a broken democracy and a carbon trading market that only makes bankers and oil men richer?

Despite Obama’s promises on the climate and the environment, things are only getting worse. Here are just a few egregious examples:

  • A year ago, British Petroleum spilled millions of gallons of oil and perpetrated the worst corporate disaster in U.S. history. They now have begun to re-grant permits for new offshore drilling to toxic polluters like Chevron and BP.
  • Every day, mountaintop removal still poisons and destroys Appalachia’s landscape and communities.
  • Oil companies like Exxon are building the Keystone XL pipeline to run tar sands oil from Alberta through the American mid-West to Texas refineries.
  • Last month, the Obama administration announced the leasing of coal-rich public land in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin to Big Coal for extraction. Using terms like “energy security” the administration promised the coal industry billions of tons of coal.
  • Coal companies like Arch Coal and Peabody Energy are now developing coal transport terminals in Washington to ship the aforementioned western U.S. coal for carbon pollution in Asia. Where’s Obama on this issue?

The facts speak for themselves, the same politicians and corporations that got us into the climate crisis WILL NOT be the ones to get us out of it.

It’s time to change the system, not the climate!

On April 18th, at the end of the Powershift rally in Lafayette Park, we, the North American movements for climate justice, will march to the offices of D.C.’s climate criminals and the politicians that love them to confront them with creative direct action.

Our Reclaim Power! march will take space and disrupt business as usual for the fossil fuel infrastructure.

Get involved – join our climate justice action!

- Join the Reclaim Power action in Washington D.C. – and spread the word!-

We want to generate a sense of excitement, we want our actions to resonate throughout the climate movements, and the way to do that is through countless individuals, groups and movements declaring their intention to take part.

It is time to say enough! No more business as usual, no more false solutions!

Reclaim Power in Washington D.C. is organized by Rising Tide North America, an international network for climate justice with over 50 local chapters and contacts in Canada, Mexico and the United States. For more information, regular updates on our organizing and actions, and for news about the global struggles for climate justice, stay on and follow @risingtidena on Twitter.

7 Responses to “Reclaim Power in Washington D.C.! A Call to Action on April 18th at the End of Powershift”

  1. 1 Sundance Apr 10th, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    Al Gore and his corporate ex-Goldman Sachs buddies got filthy rich off of the creation of carbon markets, a scheme which was the brainchild of Enron Corporation and which was intended to enrich Enron. Students and youth are still unwise to the manipulations of of the likes of Al Gore and his cromies. There are much better choices and solutions to deal with global warming that carbon trading schemes that will only make bankers and Wall Street more wealthy. Any association with Al Gore delegitimizes any effort to solve climate issues.

  2. 2 Morgan Apr 11th, 2011 at 12:10 am

    Ok, so there’s an action, starting in Lafette Park, on the 18th, to reclaim power. And then the plan is to march on climate criminals and the politicians that love them. Who are the climate criminals here? If you mean the US Chamber of Commerce (conveniently located next to Lafette Park), Koch Industries, the American Petroleum Institute, BP, etc, awesome! That sounds like exactly what Powershift is supposed to be, and I’m not sure where the tension in the post is coming from.

    Al Gore and Lisa Jackson are speaking, and they are sharing the same stage as Tim Dechristopher, and the attendees are going to be able to choose for themselves who has a more persuasive theory of change. At Powershift 2007, Nancy Pelosi was visibly shaken when she put told the crowd she was going to fight for 80% by 2050, and the crowd started chanting back ‘more, more, more’. Gore needs to hear that from us, and Lisa Jackson needs to be confronted with a room full of young people that are not convinced the Administration has done a good job at all, so she can go back and tell her boss, ‘shit’s gotta change.’ I’m not offended that these people are coming, I welcome the opportunity to show them how far off the mark they are.

    So what’s the action plan for Monday? And how can we organize something to send a riveting message to the climate criminals and the country that youth are pissed off and powerful and actually reclaiming power?

  3. 3 Scott Apr 11th, 2011 at 1:32 am

    Morgan– we’re choosing other targets. but also we want to do something more escalated and we know that EAC and SSC can’t do anything more escalated than lobbying, protesting and marching.

  4. 4 Matt Apr 13th, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    “Gore needs to hear that from us, and Lisa Jackson needs to be confronted with a room full of young people that are not convinced the Administration has done a good job at all, so she can go back and tell her boss, ‘shit’s gotta change.’ I’m not offended that these people are coming, I welcome the opportunity to show them how far off the mark they are. ”

    Morgan I think what you said in the above quote is exactly why Rising Tide feels compelled to do a different action from the main EAC march. Speaking for myself, it is hard to want to march on behalf of EAC when they seem hellbent on kissing up to the Obama administration/Democrats, rather than mounting real resistance. I personally find it unconscionable to invite Lisa Jackson to speak when there is still the atrocity of MTR going on (it seems that you agree on this yes?). I agree we should give her an earful when she speaks. But we also gotta ask why in the hell is EAC inviting politicians like her to woo us with a speech about how much the Obama administration is doing, rather than marching on her office? And what does it say about the Politics of EAC that they choose to cozy up to government officials that are still responsible for allowing a whole slew of ecological atrocities rather than fight them? Just some food for thought

    I think the point i’m getting at is that there are a lot of people out there that feel like the EAC is a little too cozy with the Democratic apparatus and does not really represent their views, and thus would like to do something different. Also the EAC is not comfortable with direct action (which is fine) and it would likely be inappropriate for folks to call for DA on their march.

  5. 5 Rabble Rouser Apr 17th, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    Matt, I agree. I think we need even Gore and Jackson to do their thing. Tim DeChristopher gave a rousing speech which will hopefully get some continued commitment tomorrow, 4/18 from those supporting Peaceful Uprising. We also need to support Rising Tide North America’s Day of Action Against Extraction on Wednesday, 4/20.

    Even Repugnicans like McCain, Graham, and Gingrinch know climate change is for real. They are more likely to convince the deniers than we are, although I’d rather silence them completely.

    See you in the gallery, in the lobbies, at the U$ Chamber, on the endangered mountaintops and on the streets!

    Sometimes, the rabble just need to be roused!

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