A good reason to arrive early for Power Shift 2011

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Before we know it, you and I and thousands more passionate, inspired, committed young people will be in DC at Power Shift 2011, preparing for a clean energy revolution.

We’re opening the weekend with a special event from 2pm – 5:30pm on Friday, April 15.  Will you and your group arrange your travel so you make it?


The Generation Waking Up Experience, called a WakeUp for short, will help us launch Power Shift fired up and inspired to take action.  Through music, exercises, dialogue, and video featuring Van Jones & Majora Carter among others, we’ll explore the critical questions facing young people and society.

Will you arrange your travel so you can participate in this powerful event?


Some of the questions we’ll explore together:

  1. Who Are We as a generation coming of age in these times?
  2. Where Are We as a global society around key challenges of environmental sustainability, social justice, and human fulfillment?
  3. What Has To Change in the way we see ourselves, each other, and our world, if we want to create a world that works for all?
  4. What Do We Do Now, given all this?  What is our unique role to play, as individuals and as a generation?

Why participate?  You can expect to:

  • Get fired up: Of the 1200 people who participated at Power Shift 2009, many said it was the most powerful part of the weekend, with some calling it “life-changing.”
  • Think big: The WakeUp connects the dots between people, planet, and spirit, calling us to envision a “Movement of movements” strong enough to transform the whole system.
  • Get inspired: For much of the weekend, you’ll focus on “how” to make change — through the WakeUp, you’ll connect first with “why” you’re here in the first place.
  • Build community: The WakeUp will give you the chance to connect with and get to know fellow Power Shifters from across the country and the world.
  • Leave with tools: By the end, you’ll have the resources and a roadmap to bring the WakeUp home, and make it a powerful part of your own campaigns and projects.

RSVP is NOT needed, but it will help us plan by giving us a sense of the numbers.  RSVP now, and send this to everyone you know who’s coming to Power Shift!


I look forward to seeing you soon!

~ Zo Tobi, Power Shift 2011 Steering Committee & Co-Coordinator for Generation Waking Up

About Zo

A rare combination of songwriter, coach, and social movement organizer, Zo Tobi offers socially conscious rock music and life & leadership coaching to inspire, empower, and refuel changemakers. With the epic soundscapes of the Dave Matthews Band, positive message of Michael Franti, and soulful intensity of Ben Harper, Zo’s soul-stirring, crowd-rousing brand of socially conscious rock is a transformative journey into the heart of social change and spiritual revival. Through life & leadership coaching, training, and facilitation, Zo helps changemakers, teams, and organizations make the difference they’re here to make, with more joy and less struggle. Inspired by a reverence for life, a hunger for justice, and a belief in human potential, Zo has logged over 100 live performances as a songwriter; empowered thousands of young leaders as a former organizer with the Sierra Student Coalition and as former Co-Director of Generation Waking Up; and supported over 100 changemakers as a professional life and leadership coach. Zo holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Development & Social Change with a Minor in Economics from Clark University. He is a certified professional coach and licensed trainer through the Academy for Coaching Excellence, and also formerly Community Fellow in the influential “Organizing: People, Power, Change” course with prominent organizer and Harvard Professor, Marshall Ganz. Zo lives in Berkeley, CA with his fiancee and adventure friend, Kelly Shannon.

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