World premiere: green cribs – holiday edition

Just in time for Cyber Monday and the beginning of the climate talks in Cancun, we’re releasing the world premiere of Green Cribs – holiday edition:

Santa is on a quest to green up the neighborhood before he needs to start using a rowboat instead of a sleigh.

Watch the video to learn two simple ways to help keep Santa’s northern habitat from turning into Cancun.

Will Santa green YOUR crib? If the answer is yes, share it on Facebook!

Happy holidays. – click below to see the video!

About Alisha

Alisha is an Educator with Alliance for Climate Education (ACE), a national nonprofit based in Oakland, CA. ACE educates, inspires and activates high school students to help stop global warming. A native of Philly, Alisha graduated from Hamilton College in 2006 with a B.A. in Geoscience and Environmental Studies. Alisha has also worked with MASSPIRG, NWF and the Breakthrough Institute.

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