Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference

Tumultuous times call for strong communities and relationships to be forged as we break our ties to dirty energy. This October, Southern youth are coming together for a rendezvous of old friends and new partners at the Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference (SSREC). Here in the Southeastern United States, we are constantly playing David and Goliath with dirty energy companies whose profits come at the cost of human health and the environment. The BP catastrophe is only the latest in a long line of attempts to capitalize on fossil fuels that have left people struggling in their wake. Though through struggle we grow and so it appears that the frustrations with dealing with coastal cleanups, lapsed regulatory permits, and proposed coal plants are being channeled into a growing network of Southerners dedicated to quitting our fossil fuel addictions and envisioning a cleaner leaner energy economy.

Please come over to Athens, GA to join this clean energy movement at the Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference (SSREC) on October 1-3, 2010. The conference will feature students sharing their successes and lessons learned as they stopped proposed coal plants, pushed bills through state legislatures, and won campus clean energy campaigns. Speakers will also include: author and naturalist, Janisse Ray; Energy Action Coalition Co-Field Director, Ethan Nuss; and Kari Fulton of the Environmental Justice Climate Change Initiative (EJCC). Talented and experienced youth will lead trainings in the grassroots organizing skills we need to move our region forward in the fight for clean energy.

The Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference (SSREC) was started in 2004, and over the past six years it has brought together hundreds of students from across the South to learn organizing skills, network, and return to their campuses motivated and ready to fight dirty energy and promote a clean energy future. Now, the Southern Energy Network, UGA Go Green Alliance, and Georgia Youth for Energy Solutions are excited to host the 6th Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference at the University of Georgia in Athens over the weekend of October 1-3.

If you act quickly and register by midnight tonight, September 16th, you can get the early registration price. After midnight registration goes up to $35 for students until September 30th.

You can register at

For more info about the conference, or to learn how you can serve as a panelist, trainer, or volunteer, check out the website at or contact me at

There is no time like the present to change the world.

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