Vote for one of the crew to be a Hopenhagen Ambassador!

Hey everyone! Take a minute to get over to Huffington Post and vote for longtime youth activist, blogger, and cyclist David Kroodsma to come to the Copenhagen Climate Conference as a Hopenhagen Ambassador. Check out his video below and vote before the contest closes on Friday!

I first met David when he was organizing the Climate Ride, a great program that helped raise money for longtime IGHIH and youth movement organizations like Focus the Nation and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. One of the things has impressed me about David as I’ve gotten to know him better is his selfless commitment and stamina, whether it’s organizing Climate Ride or volunteering for hours of data entry with us at — I guess you’d expect nothing less from a guy who biked across South America promoting climate awareness.

David would be a great person to have on the ground in Copenhagen and would make an excellent contribution to the reporting happening here at IGHIH. So go cast your vote already!

About Jamie

Jamie is the co-coordinator of, an international global warming campaign. A recent college graduate, he lives in San Francisco, CA. In 2007, he co-organized Step It Up, a campaign that pulled together over 2,000 climate rallies across the United States to push for strong climate action at the federal level. He's also an early member of the youth climate movement, leading one of Energy Action's first campaigns in 2005: Road to Detroit, a nationwide veggie-oil bus tour to promote sustainable transportation. He's traveled to Montreal and Bali to lobby the UN with youth, but he's a strong believer that change happens in the streets not in meetings. Jamie received the Morris K. Udall award in 2007 and has been recognized by the mighty state of Vermont for his work on climate change. You can also find him blogging at Campus Progress' "Pushback,", and

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