350 = Survival

It’s just a short 9 days until the International Day of Climate Action on October 24th, where hundreds of thousands people will raise the issue of climate  change urgency to a new level.

Here at Project Survival Media, we wanted to mark the event visually.  So we created a video, featuring Jon Warnow, 350.org’s Internet Director and Organizer of Pacific & Polar regions, to get a better sense of how this wonky policy target of 350 parts per million  relates to the survival of people.

I mean thousands of people aren’t heading to the streets because they’re all secretly wonky scientists.  It’s about what 350 represents to people all over the world in a time of crisis.  It’s stability, safety, and above all 350 means survival.

The footage we pieced together was from youtube — a few different sources that were urging people/journalists to spread the word about these crazy environmental disasters.

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  1. 1 mckra1g Oct 16th, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    The Climate is not personal. It’s math. The devastation of our planet is not punitive. Our fate as a species is intertwined. We have the ability to mitigate the damage we have wrought. Our lives as human beings are linked. Where one is affected, all our affected. We share a symbiotic relationship with the planet upon which we live. We owe our environment the respect of stewardship or risk our obsolescence. It’s not personal. It’s math. The planet will continue to exist in some form or fashion. WE are the variable, here.

  2. 2 Paul Oct 25th, 2009 at 12:35 pm
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