At Power Shift 2009, We Are All Leaders

powershift09vidStraight off the red eye from Seattle, I find myself bleary-eyed, looking around at the crowd of 11,000+ youth gathered in DC for Power Shift 2009. I am trying to find the briefing room for Lobby Day Trainers.

I look at each of the credential tags of the thousands of energized young people crowding the halls of the DC Convention Center to see if someone can help direct me to the room. I see that a young woman standing by the escalator has a badge around her neck that says “LEADER” in bold block text. Before I make it two steps toward her, my eye catches the same bold block text on the badge of the guy standing next to her and then, suddenly, I realize every person milling in the lobby space has on a set of credentials that says “LEADER” in bold block text.

At Power Shift no one is just a participant. In a time when bold climate action cannot wait, the movement needs leaders. Here at Power Shift a transformation is taking place. Participants are being transformed into leaders and on Monday when 5000+ sit down with their members of Congress, it will be clear that our country’s future leaders are not willing to wait for our present leaders to take bold action on climate and clean energy legislation.  We are all leaders at Power Shift 2009!

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  1. 1 Lindsay Becker Mar 4th, 2009 at 10:36 pm

    YES WE ARE! This is the beginning of a new America, and we were part of it!

    Thanks for making history with me this past weekend!

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