Going Old School: Power Vote goes door-to-door at Wayne State

This was written by Wayne State student and Power Voter Kim Siegel!

Power Voters set their sights on the dorms last week at Wayne State in Detroit. We wanted to bring the campaign’s message door-to-door and asked if the students are interested in pledging to vote for a clean and just energy future for the country.

Our purpose was clear: to get our fellow students to pledge to vote with clean and just energy on their minds in this election. Power Vote is engaging 1,000,000 youth-voters across the United States by November 4th, to express that us young Americans care deeply about the planet and are ready to create millions of good, green jobs in a clean energy economy.

The team split up to cover as much ground as possible. After a little over an hour passed by, we congregated to the second floor hallway to count the pledges. We gathered a total of 120 pledges in less than an hour! That averages out to more than twenty-five per person!

Going door-to-door in the dorms was an effective way to spread the word about our campaign and events. Sometimes news does not always reach everyone. Face-to-face encounters are excellent ways to get students more involved. Most students proved interested in Power Vote and willingly signed the pledge. Personally, I had no issues with students refusing to sign. Many students even invited us into their dorm rooms to talk and explain more about Power Vote!

This was  a great opportunity for others to practice and work on the way they address others. Perhaps if the leader did not properly explain the point of Power Vote, the student would ask them to elaborate on that particular point. When they knocked on the next door, they could use their experience from the previous room to explain themselves more thoroughly.

“Dorm storming” taught me that bringing information to others instead of waiting for them to come to you is a very effective method in spreading the word about new organizations. Running a dorm operation proved really simple and successful. The positive responses, pledges and “Green Jobs” stickers on the doors down the hall way are all little victories to celebrate!

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