Let the Buzz Begin

I arrived at the Reagan Airport by way of JFK yesterday. I tossed my bag over my shoulder and put away my reading materials. Over the last couple days, I’ve been skimming through the House and Senate Energy Bills that the web-peeps over at Power Shift so conveniently put up here. They are so long that they are rendered virtually unreadable! If you want the latest scoop and running short on time, I would highly recommend the CliffsNote version found in the Power Shift Lobby Day packet.

Before heading over to the CCAN office to help the rest of the crew collate and stuff bags, I swung over to Discovery Communications. They’re sending a camera crew to capture some behind-the-scenes and lobby day anxiety. Had a great chat with the crew. Ended up crashing a Discovery board meeting where I gave a little overview of Power Shift. It must have hit some kind of emotive chord because a couple hours later, I had a message on my phone that they were not just sending a PlanetGreen camera crew, but a Discovery News Network crew…

At CCAN, about 20-30 volunteers were doing the grunt work: collating and stuffing 6,000 bags. It was awesome seeing everyone. There have been so many people working here-and-there on the summit that it’s nice to be crammed with 30 other bodies in one room working into the late hours of the night. Paper flipping, U-haul filling, yelling “More bags over here or give me an empty box,” Pizza eating, phone ringing – it’s Andy Revkin from the NY Times; he wants clarification on energy reduction levels; another phone rings in the distance.

Sam and Maura (both from PA) said that about 200 Pennsylvania youth delegates will be coming. Casey, one of our Senators, will definitely be there. I’m anxious. I will meet with my reps on Monday. I want to know what the lobby training will be like, especially when there will be thousands of us buzzing and swarming about for the Monday meetings. That’s the type of energy here. Everyone can feel it. And everyone on The Hill knows we’re coming.

About Summer Rayne

Summer Rayne is an entomologist and environmental scientist by training. She's worked on issues ranging from mine reclamation to sewage sludge. In 2000, she slung her hiking boots to her travel pack and embarked on a journey of cause-related modeling to push sustainabilty through fashion and the mainstream media. She travels the world working on sustainable development programs, helping highlight innovative initiatives, consults on sustainable business, and rocks the runways for eco-conscious designers and companies. Keep an eye open for her on Discovery Network's new channel, Planet Green launching this June 2008.

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