What do You want to see on It’s Getting Hot In Here? [Poll]

Hey, everybody! This is for all you loyal It’s Getting Hot in Here readers and writers. As you may have noticed in a few earlier posts or you may have gotten an email….but its true!

We are moving to a new hosting services, WordPress VIP, and we will be re-launching the site with a new format and look. I figured that the people to ask and get feedback from is…all of you!

So tell me what you want to see on the new site. We have lots of ideas: building a larger contributor community and soliciting more original content, getting new video and multimedia content on the site, linking to diaries from climatechallenge.org, more interviews and book reviews, etc.

But I would love to hear more ideas from all the regular readers and contributors. Please fill out the poll below and write a comment to provide ideas and suggestions! What do you want to stay and what realllllly needs to go! Tell us all your peeves about and hopes for It’s Getting Hot in Here.


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  1. 1 Jesse Jenkins May 24th, 2007 at 4:23 pm

    What I’d love most is more discussion around the upcoming 2008 elections – which we should strive to make ‘The Climate Elections of 2008′ as much as possible. The outcome of this election will likely make or break our chances of reining in climate change before it’s too late, and I don’t think it is a stretch at all to say that this election could very well be the most important of our young lives.

    I realize you face constraints on the kinds of political discussions that can happen here given issues with 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit compliance issues (we’ve talked about this Richard), but I think this would be a perfect forum for discussions by young voters on the upcoming elections. I hope that you can clarify what kinds of discussions are acceptable, and given the constraints of 501(c)3 status, I would even encourage you to consider other options for funding some or all of this blog’s costs (i.e. through contributions to a separate 501(c)4 perhaps).

    That’s just my 2 cents… Otherwise, great work on this blog! I can’t wait to see the new layout and keep on bloggin’. Cheers,


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